Friday, January 31, 2020

Celebrity Endorsement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Celebrity Endorsement - Essay Example Indeed, trademark or brand name is a term that is used to define entities with unique credibility and attraction levels. They are used to drive marketing activities in various jurisdictions due to their influential nature. Companies prefer using strong brands names to endorse their product to improve sales units. The institutions use the trademarks due to the financial implications that arise from such endorsements. In particular, strong trade marks results to high sales that in turn lead to improved financial performance. . Evaluation The journal is selected based on the insightful information that it holds that create awareness on the financial implications that the use of strong trademarks or strong celebrity endorsement earns various corporations. The article evaluates the significance of using strong brand trademarks in executing marketing or product promotion activities. It details the impact of strong trademark or celebrity endorsement that is becoming popular in most settings . The practice is gaining momentum since strong brand identities hold great influence and attraction that compels individuals to associating with their ideals or choices. High profile brands or trademarks are used due to their financial implications. ... Managers assert that use of high profile trademarks in the advertisement packets is conventional and beneficial.Author Biography Lan Luo, Jeanie Han, C. Whan Park. (2008). Dilution and Enhancement of Celebrity Brands through Sequential Movie Releases. Journal of Marketing Research, 47, 6, 1114-1128. Summary The article discusses celebrity branding that has provides information leading to erosion or development of the influential nature of celebrities. Celebrities are influential individuals who can shape a product’s perception and individual’s prospects. Their influential nature can transform the perception of various individuals. However, celebrities can dilute their status and influence negatively if they engage in incredible practices. The dilution of character and credibility through the adoption of unconventional activities may render them in any promotional activity. However, they can use their skills to build a strong brand identity and boost promotional activiti es. They can achieve this through appearance and development of a sequence of movies or promotional activities. Evaluation The article is selected based on the need for stakeholders in the marketing industry to understand the influence of dilution and celebrity brand enhancement on product performance. The information is significant because it ensures that corporations appoint credible celebrities to drive their promotional activities. Dilution and enhancement of celebrity endorsement hold far-reaching effects on product promotion. The variations lead to low product sales or high sales volume depending on the celebrity status. It is recognizable the celebrity endorsement hold immense relations with product brand

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