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Med Applicants Be Sure to Read the Mission Statement

We cannot stress enough the importance of understanding and thinking about a medical school’s missions statement – while doing school research at the beginning of the admissions process and then later on while writing secondaries and preparing for interviews. Knowing the school’s mission statement will help you narrow down your choices and apply only to the schools at which you’d genuinely be happy, and it’ll help you fine-tune your secondary essays and your interview answers so you can best express your fit with the program. While reviewing med school mission statements, ask yourself the following 2 questions: 1. Will you fit into the culture of the school? Adcoms are looking to see if you’ll be a good â€Å"fit† for their program. They are seeking candidates who will fit into the culture of the school – future students who will feel comfortable being themselves and contributing to the classroom or campus environment. The adcoms are putting together a puzzle – they are seeking diverse students with shared ideals who will fit together to create a cohesive class. So if the school has a collaborative culture or teaches with a very hands-on philosophy, then you’ll want to demonstrate that those points are important to you as well. If you prefer to work alone, and this is evident in your experiences, then a culture of teamwork may not be for you. Make sure your essays or interview answers highlight that the ideals of the school are important to you and that you are the missing piece of your target school’s puzzle. 2. Do your goals match up? You want to apply to programs that will support your goals and aspirations. If their ideals are in line with yours, you’ll receive greater support during your med school journey and a much better chance at achieving your medical dreams. If research is your passion, but your target school’s focus is almost entirely clinical, then†¦well, this school shouldn’t be your target. Once you’ve read and understood a school’s mission statement, you’ll have an easier time framing your background and past experiences to match the school’s goals. Show how your shared passion for primary care and your vast family doctor shadowing experience position you to reach your future goals – that is, if your target school accepts you. If you have an idea of the residency you would like to pursue, check out the stats on residency placement for different schools in different specialties. Knowing which schools have successfully helped others achieve your similar goals will help you choose the right schools and show those schools that your goals are appropriate for their program. For this point, you’re demonstrating to the program that they are your personal puzzle’s missing piece. Read the mission statement so you get the best idea of who the school is looking for, so you can demonstrate in your secondaries and interviews that you are a candidate who will succeed – who will get into a top residency program and make them proud. If you share a mission and ideals, you’ll increase your chances of success at that particular school. Medical school applicants can find the med school mission statements here. Work one-on-one with a medical school admissions pro who will help you define your goals, choose programs with mission statements that match your goals, and then apply successfully and get accepted! Check out our Med School Catalog of Services. ; For 25 years, Accepted has helped applicants gain acceptance to their dream healthcare programs. Our outstanding team of admissions consultants features former admissions directors, admissions committee members, pre-health advisors, postbac program directors, and doctors. Our staff has guided applicants to acceptance at allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO) medical schools, residencies and fellowships, dental school, veterinarian school, and physician assistant programs at top schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Penn, UCSF, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and many more.  Want an admissions expert  to help you get Accepted? Click here to get in touch! Related Resources: †¢ Navigate the Med School Application Maze, a free guide †¢ How to Show Fit In Your Application Essays †¢ 7 Traits of a Competitive Medical School Applicant

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Book Review The Color Purple - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1604 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/08/06 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: The Color Purple Essay Did you like this example? The Color Purple was published in the year of 1982; the author of the book is Alice Walker. This book became the inspiration behind a film and musical. I watched the movie and fell in love with it. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Book Review The Color Purple" essay for you Create order The film featured Whoopi Goldberg as Celie and David Glover as Albert. The Color Purple was able to win a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and a National Book Award for Fiction as well. The book is filled with letters written by Celie to God. She writes to him about her life and struggles. God is somewhat Celies best friend; she tells him all the things she cant or wont tell anyone else. I like that the author chose to create a personal relationship between her and God. In the beginning, Celie writes about giving birth to her second child. She is only about 14 years old, yet she has been pregnant twice, which was a result of her being raped. Celie had a baby boy (Adam) and then a baby girl (Olivia). The father of both children is her father, Alphonso. Because Nettie and Celies mother was ill and could not meet her husbands sexual expectations, he turned to Celie. Once the children were born, they were taken away from Celie, leaving her clueless to where they would go or if they would be safe. After the passing of their mother, Celie and Nettie were left with their abusing father. Celies goal was to protect her younger sister, Nettie, from having to endure the same rapes and beatings that she did. Although Celie wished to protect her sister, soon other men were finding an interest in her.Change comes knocking on their door when Mister arrives wanting to marry Nettie, but ends up with Celie in the end. Eventually, Mister and Celie got married and she moved in with him and her new stepchildren. She did not receive and warm welcome, but instead was hit in the face with chaos and violence. After quickly coming to terms with her new life, Celie gets to work. Celie discovers Mister has a mistress by the name of Shug Avery who she becomes infatuated with. Everything Shug is, Celie wishes to be. She also dreaded leaving Nettie behind, but there was nothing she could do. I love the bond between Celie and Nettie. Alice Walker, the author, does a magnificent job at making the audienc e understand the relationship between the sisters. They are obviously all one another have and it is described and depicted well in the book. A great example of their shared love is when Nettie runs away from home to reunite with her sister. Unfortunately, Nettie could not stay for too long. Because Celie never heard from her sister again, she was under the impression that she was dead which left a deep pain within her. Another important even in the book is when Mr.s sisters come to visit. They both approve of Celie, which is not something she is used to. Kate, his sister, feels bad for Celie after realizing what she goes through in that house. She encourages Celie to fight back, which is an ability she does not feel she has. Celies self-esteem is very low due to the talking down she has had to endure her whole life by her father and Mister. So when she is told to have some form of control or confidence, this contributes to the evolution of her character. Sofia is also a contributor to Celies rise of independence. Sofia is the woman that Harpo, Celies step son marries. She is an independent woman who is unafraid to stand up to a man. I found it interesting many of the characters she stands up to are men and I did not feel this was coincidental. Standing up to a man is something Celie was incapable of doing and even seemed wrong to her. After settling their differences, Celie and Sofia became close. Yet, Sofia leaves after becoming fed up with the treatment she got from her husband Harpo. They would fight one another physically and verbally but she had enough. Once again, Sofia was able to do something Celie would never even think of doing-leaving her husband. Shug is finally coming to town, but she is ill and stays with Celie and Mister. Celie is the one to take care of her, nursing her back to health. She loves everything about Shug; Shug Avery is the beautiful, independent woman she wishes she could be. All Celies life she has been beaten and controlled, while Shug is in control of her own life. Celie is poor, yet Shug is wealthy. They have many differences, but when Shug comes to town they create a bond. I feel this a very important part of the book due to the fact that the wife and mistress of Mister become fond of one another and even confide in each other. Two women from different backgrounds, find their similarities and help each other through their negative obstacles. As their bond grows, Celie tells Shug how Mister beats her when shes not there. This makes Shug stay longer, feeling pity for Celie. Her pity turns into more of a sexual attraction and they find themselves yearning for one another in a more intimate sense. Shug could only stay so long before she had to move on to continue her blues singing career and had to leave Celie behind. As Celie continues to write her letters to God, she goes on to inform him of Sofias return. Sofia initially gets into an altercation with her ex-husbands mistress (Squeak). It is obvious Harpo is following in the footsteps of his father Mister, but they are both following the wrong path. Sofia then gets into a disagreement with the mayor who slaps her for being disrespectful to his wife. She retaliates by punching the mayor to the ground. The stand she took landed her a cell in jail and Sofia is then required to be a maid for years at the mayors home. In my opinion, this was a way for Sofia to feel like Celie has for a majority of her life. This is another aspect they could bond over. Celie was also able to build a relationship with the mistress of Harpo, Squeak, because they were both raped. Alice Walker finds a way to bring all these women back together and connecting them through life experiences. They are able to relate to one another, building a sisterhood that will last foreve r. After about twelve years, Shug returns with her husband, Grady. When she returns, secrets begin to come to the light. Shug begins to question Celie about her sister, Nettie. To Celies knowledge, she is dead because she never heard anything from her after they were torn from one another. Nettie swore she would write letters to Celie, but nothing ever came. Shug confesses she has witnessed Mr. hiding letters from the mail. They manage to find the stash of letters, addressed to Celie, after searching through his things. After reading the letters, Celie is fully informed that her sister and her children are alive and well. Nettie, Adam and Olivia are together in Africa on a missionary trip. Nettie also informs Celie that the man they called their father was not their biological father, which means Celies children were not conceived through incest. As tension and anger have built, Celie finally stands up for herself. She cursed Mr. out of pure hatred for the years of abuse she has endured from him. After being influenced by the independent women around her, she was able to do the same for herself. Shug, Sofia and Kate pushed Celie to be the woman she always wanted to be but was afraid of being. Originally, Shug was the blueprint of the perfect woman but overtime her flaws were revealed as well. These women grew together, filling in the gaps in each others lives. Shug backed Celie up, saying she would be taking Celie with her to Tennessee. Squeak announced that she would be going as well. After breaking free from the slavery she lived in all her life, Celie was able to live up to her full potential. Soon afterwards, Celie was reunited with her sister and children, making her the happiest woman alive. The Color Purple tells the story of a poor, black girl in Georgia. Alice Walker presents a bit of racism, sexism, and the power struggle. She also depicts the struggle within oneself. I truly enjoyed the book as a whole. I love that not only was there a strong relationship created between all the characters, but there was also a relationship sparked between the reader and the characters. Walker had a way of making you feel for Celie as she lived in hell for years on end and I also had empathy towards Nettie. I also believe the storyline of the book was a success. I feel that everything fell in place and intertwined smoothly. Another aspect of this book that I fell in love with was the choice of the receiver of Celies letters. Walker chose God to be the character Celie writes to throughout the entire novel, which I find to be genius. There also letters written by Nettie towards the end. Many believe in a higher power and he/she always seems to be present and here it is in this book . In the beginning, Celies stepfather also tells her that she better not ever tell anyone but God, in regards to the children she had from him. She does just that.

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Cultural and Teamwork Map and Self Reflection - 1359 Words

Karlstad University Karlstad Business School Advanced Professional Skills Cultural and Teamwork Map and Self Reflection Individual Assignment Saima Batool Karlstad, 2012-11-28 Contents 1. Introduction and Purpose 2 2. Self-assessment 3 2.1 First impression 3 2.2 Assessment with reference to Communication Patterns 3 2.3 Assessment regarding Placement in Belbin’s team roles 4 2.4 Johari Window 5 3. Conclusion 5 Bibliography 6 1. Introduction and Purpose Sharing of knowledge across the border is becoming very widespread phenomenon. Companies are well aware that hidden in their disperes, global operations is a treasure trove of ideas and†¦show more content†¦I also shared few articles with them.I guided one memeber about how he can do his part more accuratly. However I was little over optimistic because we spent alot more hours on assignment then i initially predicted. My third preference was to perform the role of Shaper because I am having tendencies to fit things into frame and strives to get the action start immediately. However I could not execute this role in my group as the assignment work was very dynamic and it was being revised too quickly. Secondly, one of my fellow colleagues was performing this role better than me. My third performed role was of finisher. I proof read the document many times, found the errors and gave ideas to team members to revise few workings. I was not willing to rely on other team members for final proof reading and I was worried for the acuracy of assignment. I focused to create a balance in three roles that I performed in group and tried to avoid overlapping. However team worker was the frequently performed role. 2.4 Johari Window The Johari Window, named after its inventors, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, is a model that provides a dynamic framework for understanding and improving self-awareness. Helping one to become more self-reflective, to learn about oneself, and to become more therapeutic is an exercise in self-awareness(South, 2007). In the context of Johari window, my arena (open area), has increased and IShow MoreRelatedInterprofessional Collaboration Care And Critically Analyse Interprofessional Working2426 Words   |  10 Pagesto the assessment and treatment process, therefore it is essential that the individual contribution of each professional be acknowledged. A study by Atwal and Caldwell, (2006) identifies three key possible barriers that may hinder teamwork; different perception of teamwork, assertiveness and confidence and fear of being accused. Bruce Tuckmann (1965) introduced the Norming, Forming Storming and Performing Model theory enabling teams to establish development and individual behaviour. This model willRead MoreWhy Professional Development Is So Important Essay2882 Words   |  12 Pagesthat had been researched by scholars, and also provide one to two examples. The second part is a reflection session for the author herself, to estimate her professional skills through teamwork in classes, societies and fieldworks and diagnose the performance of those works. Not only some literatures are used but also two test and questionnaire are assisted for analyze the teams’ performance and self-potential exploration. No matter what, these analyze and tests are really helpful for the team andRead MoreMy Nursing Goals for the Next Three Years Essay3600 Words   |  15 Pageswith their work members and the fear of asking questions can also be barriers to them. Having to depend on others and having lack of support from r egistered nurses (RN) makes them undergo an emotional roller coaster leaving them secluded and having self doubts (Duchscher 2009, Etheridge 2007). The physical reaction of the graduates to this changeover shock can make them to devote all their power trying to accomplish their new nursing responsibilities without revealing the hardships they have toRead MoreTeam Leadership, Team Building and Transactional Analysis as Tools of Organisational Development and Change6396 Words   |  26 Pages..................................................... 7 3.0 TEAMWORK ...................................................................................................................... 8 3.1 Types of Teams in an Organization ............................................................................. 8 3.2 Self Managed Teams (SMT) Versus Conventional Teams...................................... 10 3.3 Merits and Demerits of Teamwork ............................................................Read MoreTeam Work and High Performance Organization21591 Words   |  87 PagesTeamwork and high performance work organisation Introduction Defining teamwork High performance workplace organisation Scope of study Incidence of teamwork Teamwork and autonomy Impact of teamwork on learning environment Job satisfaction Negative consequences of teamwork Organisational environment Conclusion References Annex 1: Sample survey questions Annex 2: Survey sources This report is available in electronic format only. Wyattville Road, Loughlinstown, Dublin 18, IrelandRead MoreCritical Thinking Assignment On Psychological Stressor5904 Words   |  24 Pagescommon amongst people. Throughout one’s life, there are many struggles and hardships. As the videos showed, there are so many types of people out in the world dealing with the same types of stresses to survive in the world in general. Even with the cultural and geographical differences, humans as a race share the ability to reason. Along with the emotional capacity that we have, we all have to think and feel our way through one situation after another, one crisis after another; make decisions and moralRead MoreAric W Hall Leadership Development Plan4565 Words   |  19 Pages1993) in their character, their leadership, and their job competence. A leader has a combination of job competence, people skills, and a vision for the future. Effective leaders have emotional intelligence (Goleman, 1998). This includes selfawareness, self-regulatio n, motivation, empathy, and social skill. A leader must be positive, have a servant’s heart, follow-through, exhibit growth potential, by loyal, be resiliency, have integrity, see the big picture, be disciplined, and express gratitude (MaxwellRead MoreChanging Culture at Pizza Hut6434 Words   |  26 PagesAcknowledgments: This research was sponsored by a research grant from the OxyChem Corporation. The primary focus of this article is Pizza Hut and how Pizza Hut both generated and experienced the culture change at Yum! It is based, primarily, on the thoughts, reï ¬â€šections and opinions of senior managers who experienced and helped communicate the changes discussed in this article. The authors would like to acknowledge the constructive comments made by Steve Arneson, Leon Avery, Chris Koski, Mike Rawlings and Don,Read MoreIntercultural Leadership6009 Words   |  25 PagesJournal of International Business and Cultural Studies Educating global leaders: Exploring intercultural competence in leadership education Irving, Justin A. Bethel University Abstract The globalization of the world has brought about massive shifts over the past two decades. With the increase of international travel, the quantum leaps in global communication brought about by the World Wide Web and the increasingly interdependent global economy, the way leaders and organizations approachRead MoreIntroduction of Customer Service6685 Words   |  27 PagesLim who teach me Accounting and Quantitative methods, Mr. Arthur Lee for Human Resource Management 2 and last but not least Mr. Prabhu Naidu for Organizational Behavior. To my MAP supervisor Mr. Prabhu Naidu, thank you for your guidance, patience and understanding, guiding and helping me complete my MAP project; for taking the time to assist and understands my hectic work schedule. I would also like to express my appreciation to my family for motivating and supporting my decision

The Conceptual Design of Light Rail Network-Samples for Students

Question: Write a report which Critically Analyses the Conceptual Design Phase of a Systems Engineering Project. Answer: Introduction This particular report is mainly based on the conceptual design of light rail network (LRN) of Australia. Light rail is also called as Light Rail Transit (LRT) which is one type of urban public transport that is mainly similar with tram ways in some extent (Cao and Ettema 2014). It is one of the speedy transport systems with the help of electrical powered train operated by drivers. It becomes one of the vital supports for the Australian people to get rid from traffic congestions of busy roads of Australia. The country also recognized the requirement to address both the congestions as well as accessibility of all problems. Hence, it always continue to evaluate the more capacity public transport solutions that mainly helps to reduce the congestions as well as provide different transport options that helps to make global, progressive and competitive city (Birdsall 2015). This particular report also discussed about the design framework of the light rail network system of the Australian city Sydney. It also elaborated about light rail network facilities in the city that mainly make the travel of people easier. Some recommendations are also mentioned for the enhancement of light rail network so that the traffic congestion problems get reduced in Australia. Need of definition The Sydney Light Rail Network is one of the light rail system that mainly supplies the Australian City, New South Wales. The light rail network is mainly controlled by New South Wales Government of transport. Apart from that, Clifton, Mulley and Hensher (2014) also discussed that light in particular context is mainly used for the light roads as well as faster movements rather than preferred weight. It also discussed that Sydney mainly developed an extensive tram network facilities that mainly grows as largest in world-wide. The lines owner mainly prepares the proposals for western extension of disused section within Central Business District (CBD) towards Central to Circular Quay (Dziauddin, Alvanides and Powe 2013). Apart from that, it also discussed that the transport system is one of the complementary mode of transport for passengers in eco-friendly and sustainable system. Because of increase in traffic congestion and pollution, it generates more problems for passengers of Sydney to travel from destination to other (Hensher, Mulley and Rose 2015). In terms of analyzing the light rail network development, the feasibility study is mainly done to examine the network if it is ideal for the pollution of Sydney. The purpose of line mainly built in terms of reducing the bus congestions in CBD as it mainly provides more capacities of public transport from University of the New South Wales to Sydney Football Stadium. This route is mainly served with bus facility so the traffic congestion is also high in those places. The important construction of LRN mainly started from 2015 which is predicted to be functional from 2019. On the other hand, Luong, and Xia (2016) also pointed out that LRN is mainly developed in underground which becomes one of the vital advantage in terms of reducing traffic congestions. All these developmental services are mainly operated by the use of one single class of light rail vehicle (LRV) (Ney and Gray 2014). This particular system mainly used standard gauge track by using 750 volts of current electrifications. The Sydney Light Rail is mainly incorporated of Inner West Light Rail that mainly operates in L1 Dulwich Hill Line. Apart from that, it also have 12.7 km route that mainly connects the Central Station with Dulwich Hill via 23 of light rail stops. This light rail network system mainly improves based on public transport in terms of accessing different entertainment facilities with access of sports (Spears, Boarnet and Houston 2016). It is also compared with development of other automobiles facilities, the growth of light rail becomes one of the cost effective transport so lution in Australia. It also discussed that light rail also able to increase the speed of 25-30 km/hr depending on the movements of abatements. Conceptual design of light rail network The light rail framework is mainly proposed for the city Sydney that is mainly located in Australia. It highlights that within the network of light rail it also covers different entertainments and sport areas like Town Hall, Bridge Street, Central, Royal Randwick, Surry Hills, UNSW High Street, Moore Park and different other places (Kim and Lahr 2014). The Australian government mainly lacks of proper funding due to which the development of heavy rails become more expensive in comparison with light rail. The costing of the system is mainly needed to do proper analysis of the system that mainly develop cost effective solution to reduce traffic congestion problems of Sydney. According to recent days data, more that 40,000 people travels by light rail system of Sydney on daily basis (Seo, Golub and Kuby 2014). Due to the reason of being an underground project it also does not occur any types of blockage on roads. NSW government is being committed to provide first class and integrate of p ublic transport network. CBD as well as South East Light Rail is one of the major projects into transformation of Sydney. The light rail network mainly offers lots of capabilities and both consistent and easily reachable solution for Sydney people. However, it also results up to 220 peak hours buses entering the city that mainly serves expected growth of South East as well as improves the access to different important destinations of Sydney like Royal Randwick Racecourse, University of NWS etc (Currie and Delbosc 2013). This particular project mainly allows more improvements in customer experience as well as also increases the economic growth of Sydney. Some of the benefits occurred due to the implementation of Light Rail Network at Sydney are listed below: Sustainability: LRN mainly creates various developmental opportunities and sustainable transport in Sydney (Kamruzzaman et al. 2014). This particular project mainly improves the performance and minimizes the emissions from transport network. Moreover, it also reduces the greenhouse gas emission in a large quantity. Travellers: Some of most common travellers of LRN include office employees, students, and businessman (Birdsall 2015). Within minimum span of time, passenger travels from one part of city to another. It mainly used to reduce the traffic congestions on Sydneys roads. This Light Rail Network mainly moves with more than 8000 people per hour in every direction and also supports with consumer-friendly transport services in Australia. Ticketing system: LRN incorporate new electronic system ticketing of NSW government that mainly trustworthy for both timetables and fares of trains (Cao and Ettema 2014). This new ticketing system also risen the interest of more people to travel with light rail. Development cost: CBD as well as South East Light Rail is delivering an estimation of $4 billion into benefits to Sydney as well as NSW. Following table will show the development cost of the light rail network: Activities Cost Economic benefits $2.50 million Invested delivers $1 million Environmental and health benefits $308 million Pedestrians $333 million Benefits of public transport customers $ 2 billion Wider economic benefits $222 million Road users $264 million Operating savings $707 million The infrastructure design of light rail network mainly follows different routes of tram lines of previous network (Clifton, Mulley and Hensher 2014). This particular route also includes both off-street and on-street section travelling from one place to another. There are more than 8-10 traffic light controlled connections that mainly created along with routes. Different changes are mainly taken considered that include revision of platform length at different stops to increase the tram length from 45m to 67m (Hensher, Mulley and Rose 2015). This network also forms new clients of light rail network that mainly focussed on convenient interchanges, development of seamless supported by lots of consumer information and different method finding techniques. Figure 1: Sydney Light Rail route map (Source: created by author) Based on the rail-route of Sydney Light Rail Network, it mainly requires some changes in the bus routes of Sydney Central Business districts. Based on light rail construction, the bus route also gets minimized to few extents in some places (Luong and Xia 2016). Due to this transportation system, the large rail network results into 400 percentage of higher per capita transit ridership, 21 percentage of lower per capita mileage of motor vehicle, 36 percentage per capita of traffic fatalities and 58 percentage of high transit service recovery of cost. Conclusion It is mainly concluded that the light rail network project established in Sydney city helps the people with easier transport from one place to another. This particular system also increases the investments and also save time. It mainly cut down the greenhouse gas emission and air pollutants. LRT becomes one of the best solutions of transportation problems in the city. It mainly provides efficient and fresh transit system that helps to fulfil the needs of Sydney city people. The main purpose of this particular project is to establish the light -rail project to reduce numbers of bus congestion within the city. Most of the routes of Sydney are served of buses; therefore there are long routes of traffic on roads. This particular rail route is frequently on-street and consequently it follows of comparable path to the routes which are being used by the tramway network. Recommendations There are various measures are to be taken to improve the light rail network of Sydney to enhance the efficiency of the transportation system. Following are the recommendations required to be follows: Design layout: An accurate design layout of the light rail network should be required to design which will cover the main routes of the city of Sydney. Construct at populated areas: The light rail network should require covering the populated area of Sydney so that more and more people should use this route to travel. It also helps in reduction of traffic congestion on the roads. References Birdsall, M., 2015. From Rapid Transit and Light Rail to Trains and Trams: Exploring Sydney, Australia's Expansive Public Transit Initiatives: PART TWO: SYDNEY'S LIGHT RAIL EXPANSION.Institute of Transportation Engineers. ITE Journal,85(12), p.28. Cao, J. and Ettema, D., 2014. Satisfaction with travel and residential self-selection: How do preferences moderate the impact of the Hiawatha Light Rail Transit line?.Journal of Transport and Land Use,7(3), pp.93-108. Clifton, G.T., Mulley, C. and Hensher, D.A., 2014. Bus Rapid Transit versus Heavy Rail in suburban SydneyComparing successive iterations of a proposed heavy rail line project to the pre-existing BRT network.Research in Transportation Economics,48, pp.126-141. Dziauddin, M.F., Alvanides, S. and Powe, N., 2013. Estimating the effects of light rail transit (LRT) system on the property values in the Klang Valley, Malaysia: A hedonic house price approach.Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering),61(1), pp.35-47. Hensher, D.A., Mulley, C. and Rose, J.M., 2015. Understanding the relationship between voting preferences for public transport and perceptions and preferences for bus rapid transit versus light rail.Journal of Transport Economics and Policy (JTEP),49(2), pp.236-260. Luong, P. and Xia, M., 2016. The light rail revolution-a safety risk perspective.CORE 2016: Maintaining the Momentum, p.714. Ney, S.M. and Gray, D., 2014. Western Sydney Light Rail-connecting the people of Western Sydney to the future.CORE 2014: Rail Transport For A Vital Economy, p.111. Spears, S., Boarnet, M.G. and Houston, D., 2016. Driving reduction after the introduction of light rail transit: Evidence from an experimental-control group evaluation of the Los Angeles Expo Line.Urban Studies, p.0042098016657261. Kim, K. and Lahr, M.L., 2014. The impact of Hudson?Bergen Light Rail on residential property appreciation.Papers in Regional Science,93(S1). Seo, K., Golub, A. and Kuby, M., 2014. Combined impacts of highways and light rail transit on residential property values: A spatial hedonic price model for Phoenix, Arizona.Journal of Transport Geography,41, pp.53-62. Hensher, D.A., 2016. Why is Light Rail Starting to Dominate Bus Rapid Transit Yet Again?. Currie, G. and Delbosc, A., 2013. Exploring comparative ridership drivers of bus rapid transit and light rail transit routes.Journal of Public Transportation,16(2), p.3. Kamruzzaman, M., Baker, D., Washington, S. and Turrell, G., 2014. Advance transit oriented development typology: case study in Brisbane, Australia.Journal of Transport Geography,34, pp.54-70.

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Yoga OBservation Essay Example For Students

Yoga OBservation Essay The Rhythm of Your Breath. The Atlanta Yoga is a studio that is housed in a loft located in Midtown West. Atlanta Yoga has been opened for about six years and it offers many levels of yoga classes for the public. According to Ms. Adele Gale, the owner and director, Atlanta Yoga does not have a formal mission but is there to spread the form of yoga known as Ashtanga, which in Sanskrit means the eighth limb. This form of yoga works with synchronization of deep rhythmic breathing and movements. By regulating your breathing it aids your body with strengthening the body, helping with digestion, regulating metabolism and helps with decreasing blood pressure.Upon entering the building, I was engulf in a wave of heat which Ms. Gale explained was there to aid in releasing unwanted toxins through perspiration. The lights were dimmed and the atmosphere was very relaxing with a hint of incense lurking in the air. The class was relatively full with an aura sense of serenity and tranquility amongst the participants. After g rabbing a studio mat I joined the rest of the class in the scorching heat. I now know what the web site meant when it advised us to wear as little as possible. During the seventy-five minutes class we did several exercises which all focused on the awareness of the breath. Positions like lying dog and sitting dog focused on maintaining regular breathing patterns. As we got further along in the exercises and different positions, the unbearable heat actually began to feel comfortable and after a while the sweat dripping off my nose no longer existed. The only thing going through your mind was the steady beat of your breath. It is not a class for you to sit and observe but a class that you must participant in to fully understand the concept of Ashtanga. This class allows you to become in tuned with your body and the rhythm of your lungs as it inhale and exhale. This is a class that I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to be in tune with their body. Words/ Pages : 365 / 24 We will write a custom essay on Yoga OBservation specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Yoga OBservation Essay Example For Students Yoga OBservation Essay The Rhythm of Your Breath. The Atlanta Yoga is a studio that is housed in a loft located in Midtown West. Atlanta Yoga has been opened for about six years and it offers many levels of yoga classes for the public. According to Ms. Adele Gale, the owner and director, Atlanta Yoga does not have a formal mission but is there to spread the form of yoga known as Ashtanga, which in Sanskrit means the eighth limb. This form of yoga works with synchronization of deep rhythmic breathing and movements. By regulating your breathing it aids your body with strengthening the body, helping with digestion, regulating metabolism and helps with decreasing blood pressure. Upon entering the building, I was engulf in a wave of heat which Ms. Gale explained was there to aid in releasing unwanted toxins through perspiration. The lights were dimmed and the atmosphere was very relaxing with a hint of incense lurking in the air. The class was relatively full with an aura sense of serenity and tranquility amongst the participants. We will write a custom essay on Yoga OBservation specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now After grabbing a studio mat I joined the rest of the class in the scorching heat. I now know what the web site meant when it advised us to wear as little as possible. During the seventy-five minutes class we did several exercises which all focused on the awareness of the breath. Positions like lying dog and sitting dog focused on maintaining regular breathing patterns. As we got further along in the exercises and different positions, the unbearable heat actually began to feel comfortable and after a while the sweat dripping off my nose no longer existed. The only thing going through your mind was the steady beat of your breath. It is not a class for you to sit and observe but a class that you must participant in to fully understand the concept of Ashtanga. This class allows you to become in tuned with your body and the rhythm of your lungs as it inhale and exhale. This is a class that I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to be in tune with their body. .

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Speaking Of Eponyms

Speaking Of Eponyms Speaking Of Eponyms Speaking Of Eponyms By Sharon My first introduction to the concept of eponyms was in high school. My English teacher talked about the eponymous heroine, meaning the protagonist after whom the book was named. Examples include Jane Eyre and Silas Marner. An eponym is a word that is formed from the name of a person. A famous example is the word sandwich, named after the Earl of Sandwich, but there are hundreds more. We seem to like this type of word association and eponyms crop up in all fields. Here are some examples: Laws Asimovs Three Laws Of Robotics The Dilbert Principle: the most ineffective workers are systematically moved to the place where they can do the least damage: management. Faradays law of electrolysis Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle Newtons laws of motion Trademarks Many generic words were once trademarks, including: Aspirin Brassiere Cellophane Escalator Granola Gunk Heroin Jungle Gym Kerosene Linoleum Saran Wrap Shredded Wheat Tabloid Yo-yo Zipper There are also several trademarks still in use that are also used generically, including: Alka Seltzer Band Aid Breathalyzer Coke Dumpster Frisbee Jello Kleenex Play-Doh Q-Tip Styrofoam Superglue Valium Vaseline Others algorithm, from Al-Khwarizm, a mathematician Celsius, named after Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius derringer, from gunsmith Henry Derringer Granny Smith apples, from an Australian apple breeder leotard, from trapeze artist Jules Leotard Henry Laurence Gantt gave us the Gantt chart Gerard Kuiper gives his name to the Kuiper Belt If you still want more eponyms, then check out medical eponyms, such as Alzheimers, as well as lists from others who have collected eponyms. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Expressions category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:10 Rules for Writing Numbers and Numerals50 Idioms About Meat and Dairy ProductsPhrasal Verbs and Phrasal Nouns

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Criminal Justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 9

Criminal Justice - Essay Example Any police officer trying to abuse an individual is liable to the act of oppression and people can therefore protect themselves from this form of oppression through use of the firearm as long as the cause is justifiable. Having this right protects the people from having to tolerate abuse of any form from the police simply because of their power. People are allowed to have freedom of speech, of exercising freely and make peaceful demonstrations as a way to express their grievances. Police officers take such opportunities to abuse the people by beating them or preventing them from congregating even though the first amendment has allowed them to do so. People are even arrested for no reason and some even taken to cells without any charges or fake charges such as destruction of property or resisting arrest are crowded on the individuals. This bill of right expressed in the first amendment curtails the police abuse to peaceful demonstrators and people freely expressing them-selves in speech or in press (Skeens, 2007). Lastly is the six amendment which demands that people who have criminal charges or those arrested also have their own rights which are supposed to be explained to them by the police during arrest as a way to protect themselves from police brutality and abuse. These rights include the right to be informed of the criminal charges that have made one be arrested, there is also the right to have a counsel to assist the criminally charged person as well as the right to witnesses in court. Under the Terry Stop, police are created balance so that they can be able to carry out their work effectively to preventing and dealing with crimes. This allows them to conduct searches and seizures if there is reasonable reason or if the person is under suspicion without even requiring a warrant. The police are also mandated to stop

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Fabrication of a Reinforced Concrete Beam Lab Report

Fabrication of a Reinforced Concrete Beam - Lab Report Example Thirdly this gives sufficient space for the main reinforcement to develop full stressing and strength, which consequently prevents slipping of the bars. Lastly a sufficient cover gives a smooth surface which improves the aesthetics of the component as well. 3. 4. Bar codes are on the schedule so that the reader must understand that how the steel bar is is to be bended and what angles and shapes are to be made. In addition to this the reader can easily calculate the length of the bar, and consequently by using the diameter and the type of bar the total weight of the bar can be calculated and finally the total weight of the reinforcement. 5. The cover can be maintained by different methods. One method can be made by placing Metal plastic tipped bar chairs under the reinforcement so that a specified height can be maintained between the bottom surface and reinforcement. Then another method is to give spacer blocks, these can be small marble pieces or concrete plates. Another method used for very heavy reinforcement is the employment of Plastic strip bar chairs. 6. a) coarse aggregate = 122.4 Kg b) fine aggregate = 81.6 Kg c) cement = 40 Kg d) water = 22 Kg 7. Water cement ratio of the concrete is (weight of water / weight of cement ) is w/c = 22/40 = 0.55 SSD or saturated surface dry is a condition of the aggregate when all the surface pores of aggregate are fully filled and there is no excess water on its surface. In addition no more water will be absorbed by the aggregate when immersed in water. This aspect is important because if the aggregate is not saturated then it will start absorbing the water of the concrete which was supposed to be consumed in the hydration of the concrete. If there is less water in the concrete than required the concrete will not acquire the desired strength and the concrete will have microscopic cracks further weakening the concrete and this will also disturb the desired water cement ratio. Then this state helps in finding the absorptio n value of aggregates and also the specific gravity of aggregate. Lastly the aggregate must be saturated surface dry as the dry surface will help and ensure a good bond between the concrete and aggregate. 8. A clean beam form is important because presence of any loose material will attach on the surface of the beam and when the beam is subjected to bending the concrete around this loose material and the loose material it self will spall off. Hence the cover would be compromised and there is a chance that the steel reinforced will be naked and prone to environment resulting into its rusting and corrosion. 9. The indication of completion of the compaction is that the firstly there is no decrease/ decay in volume or height of the concrete and the movement of aggregates due to vibration in the concrete will very low. In addition the final indication is that the water will come on the surface of the concrete and it must be noted that as soon as the water film appears on the surface of th e concrete the vibrator must be pulled out of the concrete or else the concrete will segregate, resulting into separation of cement paste and aggregate. 10. The compaction of concrete is very important for its acquisition of desired strength, In essence compaction is the process in which the entrapped air is released from the

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Celebrity Endorsement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Celebrity Endorsement - Essay Example Indeed, trademark or brand name is a term that is used to define entities with unique credibility and attraction levels. They are used to drive marketing activities in various jurisdictions due to their influential nature. Companies prefer using strong brands names to endorse their product to improve sales units. The institutions use the trademarks due to the financial implications that arise from such endorsements. In particular, strong trade marks results to high sales that in turn lead to improved financial performance. . Evaluation The journal is selected based on the insightful information that it holds that create awareness on the financial implications that the use of strong trademarks or strong celebrity endorsement earns various corporations. The article evaluates the significance of using strong brand trademarks in executing marketing or product promotion activities. It details the impact of strong trademark or celebrity endorsement that is becoming popular in most settings . The practice is gaining momentum since strong brand identities hold great influence and attraction that compels individuals to associating with their ideals or choices. High profile brands or trademarks are used due to their financial implications. ... Managers assert that use of high profile trademarks in the advertisement packets is conventional and beneficial.Author Biography Lan Luo, Jeanie Han, C. Whan Park. (2008). Dilution and Enhancement of Celebrity Brands through Sequential Movie Releases. Journal of Marketing Research, 47, 6, 1114-1128. Summary The article discusses celebrity branding that has provides information leading to erosion or development of the influential nature of celebrities. Celebrities are influential individuals who can shape a product’s perception and individual’s prospects. Their influential nature can transform the perception of various individuals. However, celebrities can dilute their status and influence negatively if they engage in incredible practices. The dilution of character and credibility through the adoption of unconventional activities may render them in any promotional activity. However, they can use their skills to build a strong brand identity and boost promotional activiti es. They can achieve this through appearance and development of a sequence of movies or promotional activities. Evaluation The article is selected based on the need for stakeholders in the marketing industry to understand the influence of dilution and celebrity brand enhancement on product performance. The information is significant because it ensures that corporations appoint credible celebrities to drive their promotional activities. Dilution and enhancement of celebrity endorsement hold far-reaching effects on product promotion. The variations lead to low product sales or high sales volume depending on the celebrity status. It is recognizable the celebrity endorsement hold immense relations with product brand

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All for Show †The Post-Petrarchan Poetry of Wyatt, Sidney, and Spenser

The difficulty of discussing the representation of women in the work of sixteenth century English poets like Sir Thomas Wyatt, Sir Philip Sidney, and Edmund Spenser is the need to address authorial intent in its historical context. As a critic, one cannot attribute to words what the author did not intend; however, one can attribute intentions that the author did not word. For example, it is easy to justify the objectification and subordination of women in the English-Petrarchan sonnet tradition but is it entirely factual? Does object of desire necessarily mean desired object? Does such a designation deny the agency or even apply to the beloved? The question to ask is whether contemporary criticism can be applied retroactively; that is, whether theories concerning objectification or ‘othering’ are relevant merely because they fit. The real challenge is to decide if evidence of objectification can be discovered or simply applied to a text that has no concept of it. It is p articularly disconcerting that much of the modern renaissance criticism researched for this essay sees no possible contradiction in linking rhetorical evidence to intent; that is to say, they show little evidence of investigating the possible discrepancies between treating objectification as ahistorical and socially contextual, even when they argue for the historically situated nature of identity. One must also consider the fact that theories of objectification interpret and interrogate the text, not the author; that is unless one presumes they are the same thing. To do so, however, commits one to a series of requisite and problematic assumptions. The first of these is the exchange of mimesis for art as an imitation of the author, a shadow of a shadow. Speaking his... Astrophil and Stella to implode under its own contradictions Sidney ensures that its only lasting consequence is the affect it has on the beloved. In the same way Spenser tries to forge a tangible bond between himself and the beloved by rendering them both physically present in the words of Amoretti, Sidney tries to promote his signifiers to signifieds in an effort to exchange â€Å"semiological [intimacy] for sexual desire† (Stephens 93). The difference is that Spenser offers the beloved a shared space while Sidney seeks exclusive control of the courtship. Much like Wyatt tries to have the last word in Whoso List to Hunt, Sidney and Spenser write their sonnets in anticipation of the beloved’s response. As their efforts to adapt her subjectivity show, all three poets recognize the beloved as powerful, but is this the power of a reader or a social and sexual equal?

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English Literature Essay

Gender as reflected in literature gives readers pictures that apply, illustrate and reinforce norms and values accepted by society. Authors, whether they are aware of it or not, are themselves socialized into gender systems that are reflected in the themes, characters and plots of their texts. Toni Morrison’s â€Å"The Bluest Eye† presents gender as a theme that cuts across many social constructions in society. She does not stop at the conventional and surface definition of gender as a social construction of the roles and norms of male and female, but shows how class, race and even gender subgroups deepen the hierarchies and power relations between different people in society. Though the main focus of her novel is the concept of beauty, the writer posits that beauty is determined by gender subgroups, race and class. In this essay, it is proposed that the concept beauty is a tool used by Morrison to illustrate the hierarchies and values created by race, class and gender. To show the impact of race, class and gender on both the psyche of the individual and the collective consciousness of society, Morrison uses young black girls as protagonists and narrates their family experiences, making sure to highlight experiences which involve discrimination and oppression by gender, class and race. Though her narratives constantly switch personas, the writer notes that the first person narrative belongs to Claudia, who is often seen to defy the norms and values that Morrison presents. The former is seen to defy the socialization of young girls into motherhood through the gifting of dolls, â€Å"I had no interest in babies or the concept of motherhood† (Morrison 15). Claudia also defies the convention of beauty, of fair-skinned girls with curly blond hair and blue eyes such as Shirley Temple, often despising the latter with a cruel and furious hatred, as seen in her treatment of the doll she received as a gift. Through this, a gender subgroup is shown, or perhaps, even a category which cuts across gender, which is race. The novel illustrates the presence of gender and class hierarchies that may be structured on the basis of race or gender. Distinctions of white male, white female, black male, black female, white child and black child are presented. Hierarchies are illustrated and the relationships these subgroups have to one another are presented. Seen through the eyes of Pauline Breedlove, the black female is shown to serve almost all of them, â€Å"‘White women said, â€Å"Do this. † White children said, â€Å"Give me that. White men said, â€Å"Come here. † Black men said, â€Å"Lay down. † (Morrison 93). The character continued to infer black women’s only power, which is as a parent to a child, â€Å"The only people they need not take orders from were black children and each other† (Morrison 93). Gender systems and hierarchies denote a set of norms and values that all these subgroups adhere to. For women, roles are the embodiment of these norms and valu es. Age, class and race are the determinants of such roles. A young girl is expected to protect her virtue and help her mother. A housewife is expected to be faithful to her husband, perform domestic work, responsible for child-rearing, able to earn additional income for the family and continue the virtues she learned as a young girl. If a female would somehow not fit within the previously-stated norms, such as the case of Frieda, Claudia’s sister, she would be labeled deviant or, in Morrison’s work, ruined. Frieda relates the stigma and fear this label entails in her conversation with Claudia: Miss Dunion came in after everybody was quiet, and Mama and Daddy was fussing about who let Mr. Henry in anyway, and she said that Mama should take me to the doctor, because I might be ruined, and Mama started screaming all over again†¦But why were you crying? I don’t want to be ruined. (Morrison 67) The image of ‘ruined’ in Morrison’s work is a source of so much anxiety for Frieda because of their perception of a ‘ruined’ woman, where here, Claudia shares the anxiety and fear in an image of her own, â€Å" An image of Frieda, big and fat, came to mind. Her thin legs swollen, her face surrounded by layers of rouged skin† (Morrison 67). Frieda is so terribly distressed at being ‘ruined’ that she and her sister strive to find ways to counteract this status or perhaps medicate it. She and Claudia urgently think, â€Å"But Frieda, you could exercise and not eat†¦Besides what about China and Poland, They’re ruined too, aren’t they? And they ain’t fat. That’s because they drink whiskey. Mama says whiskey are them up. You could drink whiskey† (Morrison 67). In Morrison’s novel, being ‘ruined’ is equivalent to being a whore or prostitute, a woman generally frowned upon by society because of her type of work and her non-adherence to the values of virtue and chastity expected of women. This is illustrated through a reference to the character the Maginot Line, Poland and China, or to Pecola’s ignorance of their true profession, Miss Marie, Miss Poland and Miss China. The value of virtue and chastity that women are prescribed to is embodied in the role of a virgin or legitimate wife, which the previously-mentioned women are most certainly not and are consequently stigmatized by the community. However, these women are aware and accept the stigma and fully understand their role prescription and label of ‘ruined’ as a choice they made, characterizing themselves as â€Å"whores in whores’ clothing, whores who had never been young and had no word for innocence† (Morrison 42). Despite their self-prescription, stigma and community perceptions, these women are aware of their deviance and accept it, implying that they are aware and accept what is proper and appropriate, Their only respect was for what they would have described as ‘good Christian colored women. ’ The woman whose reputation was spotless, and who tended to her family, who didn’t drink or smoke or run around. These women had their undying, if covert, affection. † (Morrison 41-42) Other works by female authors present this image of ‘good women’. Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman’s â€Å"A New England Nun† shows Louisa Ellis, who waits for Joe Dagget for 15 years to marry him and stays at home, sews and does housework all day and performs domestic work. She is characterized as meek, stiff, peaceful and virtuous (Freeman). Here, Louisa Ellis performs all the roles and tasks ascribed to a single woman. â€Å"A White Heron† also shows an image of a ‘good girl’ in the character of Sylvia, who follows her grandmother’s instructions, is quiet and complacent towards older men and keeps a secret within her girl’s heart (Jewett). It must be noted however, that this image uses only gender as a category for prescription. This image is elevated to the level of race as a gender subgroup through Pecola Breedlove who alludes to her fondest dream of blue eyes (Morrison). The dimensions of this dream and how it is shaped by the previously-mentioned gender systems to the point of oppression and revulsion for oneself is almost horrific and pitiful. Langston Hughes’ â€Å"Harlem† may describe Pecola’s dream as one that: â€Å"Fester(s) like a sore— / and then run? (4-5), showing how much pain Pecola feels and experiences because of her unfulfilled dream. She considers her brown eyes a sore, for the absence of her fulfilled dream of blue eyes is the presence of her brown eyes. The horror of her wish and the desperation of her yearning is expressed at the end of Morrison’s work, when all these gender systems, roles and values bear down upon her because of her father’s impregnating her. Her split personality or other voice in her head accompanies her new perception of having blue eyes, the bluest eyes, which makes her feel that she is above everyone else. She no longer hides behind her ugliness as she did before (Morrison 28), but sees people unable to bear their own in the presence of the ultimate symbol and sign of beauty, that she alone possesses, the bluest eyes. Essay 1 Reflection When I gave into my emotions and intellect for this essay, I found myself to feel very strongly about Pecola’s situation and her perception of her own appearance and beauty. To think that she conceives the disdain and disgust that other feel for her and is able to project it within herself is almost traumatizing for me especially since I know how young she is. Compounded oppression, bad family situation and victimization are features of her life that may make one almost think that her fate was horribly inescapable and her desire for blue eyes one that elicits deep sympathy. Discussing this with others and presenting my ideas on gender and how deep the scars of gender-based violence may run has given me insight on the historical and cultural relevance of Morrison’s work and how others’ works like Kate Chopin, Jewett and Freeman reflect this type violence. I would consider Pecola’s perception as an effect of violence. Thinking about the story, I would think that Pecola’s innocence was still intact even after she was raped by her father perhaps through her own mind’s fierce denial, but her psyche was totally shattered when she received her wish of blue eyes. Relating this text to my courses on women studies and feminism, a deeper analysis would have shown the intricacies of race, class and gender and how the hierarchies created by these three based solely on oppressive social constructions can destroy whole countries, whole peoples of color and at the individual level, complete psyches and perceptions. The scope and range of feminism tends to question everything and I wanted to do that but felt limited by the number of pages allowed. When someone would read my essay, I would hope that it would spark a little interest in re-examining texts and even his/her own perceptions on race, class and gender. I would say that my essay’s goal would be to spark insight in my reader about the world and society in terms of the three social constructions I mentioned.

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Caribbean Diaspora - 3821 Words

History Paper on Caribbean Diaspora Decendents of the Caribbean Diaspora are located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and countries that were previously colonial empires. The inhabited islands that are in the Caribbean are not only geographical regions, but also regions of the imagination, lived cultural experiences and are an interesting study in religious identity as well (Harry:2).† Colonized by European powers from the sixteenth century, the Caribbean islands have become a mixture of cultures from Europe, Africa, and India, as well as from the original inhabitants of the islands. Harry Goulbourne and John Solomos in there article â€Å"Ethnic and Racial Studies† says that the â€Å"History of the Caribbean has been shaped for a†¦show more content†¦This was a time for growth in the United States, often referred to as the Industrial Age. This time period was an exciting period because of the fact that there is another revolution going on in the workplace. As technology started to c hange and bloom, everything around it started to transform and more jobs were created. As a result, the Industrial Revolution affected the whole stability of a nation, not only the economy. It affected the relationships between classes, and also the relationships between countries and gave those individuals who migrated over to the United States a chance at a prosperous life without slavery. With many Africans migrating to the United States there were those who decided to go back to the Caribbean and continue their traditional cultural ways. In the late eighteenth century, written reports discovered a cultural tradition of masking by Africans in various parts of the Caribbean: Belize, Bermuda, Haiti, Jamaica, the Bahamas, St. Kitts, Nevis, Guyana, Grenada, and Trinidad. These masking activities were called by several names like gumbe, jonkonu, or kambula, however today it is referred to as Carnival. Carnival is an annual celebration of life found in many countries of the world and i s an integral part of West African religious culture, intimately connected with secret societies that were gender specific (Lewis:180). Growing up in a family that celebrates this specific tradition, the history of how it began isShow MoreRelatedLetter For The Nomination Of Bertram Omar Leon For A National Award759 Words   |  4 PagesSt Lucia; his overall support for his local community and youth development are just some of his many contributions. I am also aware of his desire to promote UK Caribbean diaspora development via his many associations with the Caribbean diaspora communities. He has already successfully influenced the St Lucia government to adopt a Diaspora Policy, which was recently approved, to engage and ensure better inclusion of overseas national in the country’s national development plans. He is regarded as anRead MoreMasculinity in the Trinidadian Diaspora in Sections of an Orange by Anton Nimblett696 Words   |  3 Pages Sections of an Orange dives in to the personal stories of men and women living in Trinidad and Tobago and the Trinidadian diaspora in New York. Anton Nimblett allows the reader to experience the struggles with the characters, and there are feelings of isolation, longing, deception, and most commonly—love. Caribbean conceptions of gender and sexuality are usually geared towards the traditional types. In other words, boys are to playing football, and not helping their aunts sew and cook. Men areRead MoreReflection Paper About The Caribbean1637 Words   |  7 Pageswanted to share with you how much I have learned about the Caribbean—which is essential to how I now not only view the countries but the people. I’ve come to realize how ignorant I was in regards to knowing exactly what the Caribbean is. Strangely enough, our entire family is from the Caribbean. Im from the Caribbean. But, I know so little. The first day of classes back in September, I was asked by the professor to describe what the Caribbean mean to me. As we went around the room, my turn came andRead MoreAnalysis of Caribbean Festivals Essay995 Words   |  4 PagesThe Caribbean is a region known not only for its sun, sand and sea, but its festivals. Also known as ‘Caribbean Carnival’, these festivals have spread to the diaspora. Oxford Dictionaries define carnival as, â€Å"a period of public revelry at a regular time each year, typically during the week before Lent in Roman Catholic countries, involving processions, music, dancing, and the use of masquerade.† The term and concept of ‘carnival’ originated in Italy, however, with the influence of African cultureRead MoreNegotiating Halls Caribbean Identity in Kincaids Annie John3215 Words   |  13 PagesNegotiating Halls Caribbean Identity in Kincaids Annie John In his article Negotiating Caribbean Identities, Stuart Hall attempts to relay to the reader the complications associated with assigning a single cultural identity to the Caribbean people. Even though the article is intended by the author to represent the Caribbean people as a splicing of a number of different cultures, the processes Hall highlights are noticeable on an individual scale in the main character of Jamaica Kincaids novelRead MoreDefining Of The African Diaspora1930 Words   |  8 PagesDefining African Diaspora When defining Diaspora, many aspects can come to mind. The topic of Diaspora usually brings to mind certain ethnic groups, but that of African and African-Americans typically are not considered. Diaspora is defined as â€Å"To refer to migrants who settle in distant lands and produce new generations, all the while maintaining ties of affection with and making occasional visits to each other and their homeland.† Usually those of Jewish heritage are known for Diaspora, but aroundRead More Diaspora and Syal’s Anita and Me Essay2970 Words   |  12 PagesDiaspora and Syal’s Anita and Me Diaspora, a term used to describe the dispersion of a people from their original homeland, has become an increasingly pertinent topic of discussion in contemporary society. Nalini Natarajan in the essay â€Å"Reading Diaspora† argues that â€Å"the phenomenon of diasporic populations is by no means new, but its scale in the twentieth century is dramatic† (xiii). Natarajan also argues that the nature of contemporary diasporic experiences, due to the global reach of technologyRead MoreThe Family Aspect Of The Quilt1139 Words   |  5 PagesIn a perfect world, the Caribbean is like a quilt that has been stitched together by a mother or grandmother. It eventually comes together to form a unique blanket that incorporates a multi-dimensional group of different pieces of colors and sizes in its final product. The maternal aspect of the quilt, represents the Euro-colonial influence that was responsible for the colonialization of the Caribbean region. All patches have their o wn unique shape and design, and eventually come together to makeRead MoreAn Active Role in Shaping History Essay1590 Words   |  7 Pagesshaped ultimately by outsiders. The colonization of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America were all controlled and executed by the Europeans. The slave trade and plantations were also under the power of whites. Even the emancipation of slaves, though the African-descended definitely contributed, was mostly shaped by and a result of decisions in which they had no involvement. They were unable to play an active role in their Diaspora; they were forced to be passive participants. However, followingRead MoreThe Importance Of Slave Trade In Africa751 Words   |  4 PagesEnslaved Africans taken to Brazil came mainly from Angola and those taken to Caribbean were mostly from West Africa. The top African countries that supplied slaves to the European nations were the west central Africa which in the present day is known as the democratic republic of C ongo and Angola. Other areas include the Gold Coast, eastern Nigeria, Cameroon and Gabon. Majority of the enslaved Africans were shifted to Caribbean, Spanish empire and Brazil (Rawley p49) On the way to the European countries